Coach Communication and Registration of Team(s)

Think you missed an email? Looking for where to register your team? Double check by clicking this link. 

LESAA registration link is sent to coaches via email.  Coaches - sign-in to see all emails.

Deadline for registering cross country is teams is: October 2nd by 6:00 pm 

Meet Information

Regions and Schedules

Regional and District Results

Coaching Resources

Training and Coaching Resources

The following resources have been collected from various websites.  The content included is to provide coaches with a starting point.  

Warm Up & Stretches

Standard Warm-Up
Dynamic Warm-Up
Best Stretches for Runners

LDSB Extracurricular Permission Form

First Aid and Concussion Resources

Concussion Forms and Information

In The Event of A Potential Concussion or First Aid Incident

First Aid Incident Report

Tool to Identify A Suspected Concussion

Flow Chart of LDSB Concussion Protocol

After a Concussion Has Been Diagnosed - Return To Compete

Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion Return to Play

Documentation for Medical Examination

Script for School Contact to parents when a Concussion Has Been Diagnosed

Information and Background Knowledge

Concussion Management Procedures and Return to Learn to Physical Activity

General Concussion Memo - 142

Sample Concussion Prevention Strategies

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Track & Field - High Jump
  • Track & Field - Jumping Events
  • Track & Field - Shot Put
  • Track & Field - Track Events
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball

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Spectator Guidelines - All spectators at LESAA sanctioned events are expected to adhere to the following expectations: students are #1, participation and fun, not winning are everything, fans only cheer, only coaches coach, no yelling in anger, respect the volunteer referees (often youth), no swearing, set a proper example of good sportsmanship