Divisions are determined based on population of the intermediate classes at each school. In some cases, a school may request to play in a higher division. 

Female Divisions

Competitive Division 1: Acadie, Calvin Park A, Calvin Park B, Lancaster, LaSalle, Loughborough, Vanier A, Vanier B

Competitive Division 2: Acadie B, Cataraqui Woods, Harrowsmith, Odessa, Southview, The Prince Charles, Welborne

Competitive Division 3: Bath, Fairfield, Perth Road, Selby, Storrington, Truedell

Competitive Division 4: Elgiburgh, Joyceville, NAEC,  Prince Charles, Rideau Heights, Sinclair

Recreational Division: Acadie A, Acadie B, Amherstview, Bayridge, Glenburnie, Granite Ridge, Henderson, Holsgrove, Land O'Lakes, NAEC, The Prince Charles

Male Divisions

Competitive Division 1: Acadie A, Acadie B, Calvin Park, Lancaster, LaSalle, Vanier A, Vanier B, Welborne

Competitive Division 2: Calvin Park B, Harrowsmith, Loughborough, Odessa, Southview, The Prince Charles

Competitive Division 3: Bayridge, Cataraqui Woods, Fairfield, Perth Road, Selby, Turedell

Competitive Division 4: Elginburg, Glenburnie, Henderson, Holsgrove, Joyceville, Prince Charles, Sinclair, Storrington 

Recreational Division: Acadie, Amherstview, Bath, Granite Ridge, Land O'Lakes, NAEC, Rideau Heights

Co-Ed Divisions

Competitive Division: Centreville, Molly Brant, Southview, Tamworth

Recreational Division: Amherst Island, Central A, Central B, Clarendon, Enterprise, Newburgh, Simcoe, Sydenham, Winston Churchill