Track Events

Event Priority: Track events take precedent over field events.  If events are at the same time, athletes should report to the field event official to inform them that they are participating in a track event.  

In high jump, the bar cannot be lowered and any competitor returning from a track event must take their jump at the current height.

It will be up to the convener to determine if a competitor has taken an unreasonable amount of time.

Spikes:  Shoes with plastic or metal spikes are not allowed.

Relays:  Schools may not combine athletes to form a team.

If a baton is dropped, the athlete who dropped it is the only one who can pick it up.  If they did not interfere with other athletes, they can continue the race.

Athletes must stay in their lanes, even after the baton is passed.  Any interference with athletes in other lanes may result in disqualification.

Lanes and Starting Positions: In all races with heats or timed finals, lanes are assigned on a random basis.  An attempt will be made to disperse athletes from the same school.

The start of the 800m, 1200m, and 2000m races will use a curved start line.  Athletes may cut into the inner lane at the break line just after the first turn.

The finalists for 100m and 200m are chosen as follows:

If there are 2 or 3 heats, the top 2 from each heat will advance to the final.  The other competitors will be chosen according to time

If there are more than 3 heats, the winner of each heat advances to the final.  The other competitors will be chosen according to time.

In the 100m and 200m finals, the athletes will be seeded based on time as follows:

Lane   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8
Place  7  5  3  1  2  4  6  8