Field Events

A student participating in the high jumpA student jumping in a long jump eventA student participating in shot put

Event Priority:
Track events take precedent over field events.  If events are at the same time, athletes should report to the field event official to inform them that they are participating in a track event.  

In high jump, the bar cannot be lowered and any competitor returning from a track event must take their jump at the current height.

It will be up to the convener to determine if a competitor has taken an unreasonable amount of time.

Placement: In shot put, long jump, and triple jump, each athlete gets 3 attempts.  The top 8 competitors will be given 3 additional events.  Results will be determined based on the best overall result. (The best of the 6 attempts)

If a tie occurs, the second best result will be compared, and then the 3rd etc.

Shot Put:
Boys will use 4kg shots
Girls will use 3 kg shots

Triple Jump: Take off lines are available at 3m,4m,5m,6m,7m and 9m.  Athletes must choose before they jump.

High Jump: The starting heights are as follow:
Atom: 0.95m
Bantam: 1.05m
Senior Girls: 1.25m
Senior Boys: 1.30m

Heights will increase in 5 cm increments.

Tie Breaking Procedure: Ties in high jump will be decided as follows and only occur for 1st place:

1) The athlete with the lowest number of jumps when the tie occurred shall be awarded the higher place.
2) The lowest number of misses throughout the event.
3) If a tie still remains, athletes get 1 jump at the failed height.  The height will then be lowered or raised to heights announced by the official with each athlete getting one jump until the tie is broken.

*Athletes jump in the same order and each time the bar is altered. 

Jump Refusals:  2 refusals at any height will constitute a miss.