Students playing ultimate frisbeeStudents playing ultimate frisbee

Students playing ultimate frisbee

Students playing ultimate frisbee

LESSA Ultimate Frisbee Playing Rules

The USAU 11th 2020 - 21 Rules shall govern play at the LESAA Tournaments with the following exceptions:

Team Composition: Teams can carry an unlimited amount of players on their roster, however, only eighteen medals/awards will be given to winning teams.

A/B Teams: Teams will be placed in divisions according to the size of the intermediate population.  Schools are allowed to enter B teams.  B teams will play in a recreational (no championship) division.


All LESAA Ultimate teams will use a 175g disc. 

Warm-up: Teams will receive up to 5 minutes on the field before each game
Game Length: All games will consist of one 35 minute game with running time, or the game will end when one team reaches 15 points.  There is no halftime and there are no timeouts  Coaches are responsible for timing games and keeping score.
Fair Play: LESAA strongly encourages coaches to get every player into every game.

Tournament Format & Style of Play
Competitive Divisions: Teams should expect to play 4-6 games at the LESAA Ultimate Championships.
Recreational Division: Round robin games. No playoffs

Rule Clarifications
- A Spirit Circle should take place at the end of every game.
- On the pull - the disc must hit the ground, or it must be caught.  If the disc is fumbled, knocked down or kicked to the ground, it is a turnover. 
- On the pull - should the disc land in the other teams end zone, play begins from the end zone. 
- On a pull - players on both teams should not cross their goal line until the disc is released.  
- The offensive player initiates play by picking up the disc.  If the disc has gone out of bounds, it must be tapped to the ground, or checked into play.  If a turnover has occurred and the disc hasn't left the playing field, the offensive player does not need to tap the disc or have it checked.
- A travel results in a stoppage of play.  A travel is never a turnover in LDSB Ultimate.  The disc returns to the thrower.  The thrower returns to their original location on the field and play resumes after a check.
- When a receiver is fouled, it is assumed he/she would have caught the disc had the foul not occur.  The receiver should start play with the disc at the spot of the foul. 
- When fouls are called, all players should stop and return to their location on the field when the foul called.
- A defensive player marking the offensive player (the handler) with the disc must be an arms-length away in LDSB Ultimate.
- The ratio of girls:boys on the field is either 3:4 or 4:3.  The team receiving the pull decides the gender ratio for that point.