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LESAA Basketball Playing Rules

The rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) shall govern play at the LESAA Division Tournaments with the following exceptions:


Team Composition: Teams can carry an unlimited amount of players on their roster and are encouraged to carry at least 10 if possible

A/B Teams: "A" teams must carry at least 10 players during the division tournament.  If an "A" team comes to a tournament with less than 10 players, their games will be forfeited.  If an injury or an unforeseen departure from a player occurs during the tournament, the team does not need to fill in their roster spot.  If an "A" team makes a final, 10 players must be on the roster


- All Junior LESAA tournaments will use a size 5 basketball


Warm-up: Teams will receive up to 5 minutes on the court before each game

Time-outs: 3 time-outs per game, teams can use up to 2 time-outs per half. If a time-out is used after the opponent scores in the last 2 minutes, the ball may be advanced to half

Game Length: All games will consist of two 20 minute halves with running time.  The final 2 minutes will be stop time unless the score differential is greater than 10

Fair Play: LESAA strongly encourages coaches to get every player into every match

Tournament Format & Style of Play


- Format: 4 Round robin games. No playoffs

- Equal play time (A special score sheet to track substitutions can be found here) until the final shift - Each shift will be 4 minutes in length.  Game clock will stop during substitutions. - Equal play time - Last shift will be an "open" shift (play whoever you like) - stop time last 2 minutes of the second half

Special Defensive Rules

Junior - ½ court person-to-person defence is mandated.

Free Throw Rules


- The shooter is allowed to jump across the free throw line

- Coaches can refuse free throws for possession of the ball, except on a shooting foul where the basket counts and the shooter receives a free throw

- If a free throw opportunity is refused, teams will receive the ball under the basket on the attacking end

Half Court Violation

- Team on offence has 8 second to advance the ball to half court