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LESAA Soccer Tournament Rules

Standard soccer rules will apply. Listed below, are some specific LESAA rules.

Number of Players
- 11 vs 11 (10 players + 1 goalie)
- Co-Ed the 10 players must be equally divided (5:5)

- Shin guards are mandatory for all players
- Soccer cleats are optional but recommended
- No other type of cleats (football, rugby, baseball) or any metal spikes are allowed

Time of Games
- Games will be 50 minutes in length. A horn will sound at 25 minutes and 50 minutes to indicate halftime and full time respectfully
- All games end immediately at the sound of the horn
- If a playoff or championship game ends in a tie, there will be a shootout with penalty kicks
- 3 players from each team will take penalty kicks
- Sudden death if still tied after the initial kickers
- A player may not shoot twice

- Referees will call obvious off-sides

- Handballs will only be called under the following circumstances:
- If a players' hands are outside of their body and;
- If the player gains an advantage due to the handball
- A player makes deliberate hand contact with the ball
- The spirit of this rule is to allow play to continue in the case of unintentional handballs

- All fouls will result in direct/indirect free kicks as per Ontario Soccer Association rules
- Penalty kicks will only be awarded for fouls affecting imminent scoring chances

- Substitutions can be made during any goal kick or after a goal is scored
- Substitutions can be requested on any of your team's throw-ins (Both teams may change upon request)
- No substitutions allowed during the last 2 minutes of a game

Unsportsmanlike Conduct or Rough Play
- There are no yellow or red cards in this tournament
- Minor offences will result in a:
- 1st offence - warning
- 2nd offence - ejection for the remainder of the game
- Major offences will result in an immediate ejection for the remainder of the game
- Slide tackles are to be avoided
- Players may slide for a loose ball, but must avoid contact with opposing players
- Coaches are responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of their team, coaching staff, and parents at all times throughout the tournament